Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'm here!!!!!!

WOW what a trip to Dallas! I left home at 10am, drove to Billings, got on the plane....what a bumpy ride out of Billings and into Denver. Once we got to Denver I had just under 2 hours until my next plane. Well 2 hours turned into 6 because instead of leaving at 5:40pm we didn't leave until 11:15pm. That put us landing at 1:45am so I didn't get to my hotel until 2:30am and didn't get in bed until 3:45am! Holy canoly. I hope 3 hours and 15 mins is enough sleep for me because I got a busy day ahead of me!
Well at least with the super long wait I did get almost 1/2 of a book read! ;o)
The flights were horrible, to say the least. Thank the Lord that he got us here ok because I was sweatin and gripping the armrests like it was cool!

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