Friday, October 22, 2010

MRI & results

Well I decided we needed to go ahead & do the MRI earlier than January. There is a condition that people with nevi's can have. It's called NCM (neurocutaneous melanocytosis) & it can cause hydrocephalus, seizures, &/or developmental delays. Essentially NCM is a satellite nevus that's on the brain. For more info see the FAQ section to the left.

So we had an appt for 4pm Tues 10/19/10. We got there at 2:30pm, filled out paperwork, & then a nurse came & put some numbing cream on each of her feet & each of her hands...this was for the IV, so it wouldn't hurt when they poked her. At about 3:40pm they came out & said they were ready for her. The anesthesiologist showed us to her bed & he let me hold her the entire time. He took the cream off both of her hands & started her IV pretty quickly. She fell asleep within about 4 seconds while I was holding her. I layed her down & they put oxygen on her & then we had to leave because they were taking her back to the MRI machine. They said it'd be about 45 mins.

With the numbing cream on her hands before the MRI.

Waiting for her MRI.

Of course I couldn't do anything but watch the clock. 65 minutes later (at 4:45pm) they came out & got us so we could go back to see her. She was laying there so peacefully with the oxygen still on. They said that it took a little longer than expected because she was coughing so they had to stop & suction her out a few times.

At 5:15pm, 30 mins later, she started stirring & waking up. The nurse took her IV out pretty quickly & then I got to pick her up while she was waking up fully. She was such a cute little baby! She couldn't open her eyes fully & she just looked groggy. She was looking around like "what the heck is going on?!" My mom sat with her in the chair & fed her some apple juice, which she just loved!

Still groggy - drinking her apple juice.

About 1/2 hr later she was ok to leave. She sounded good to us, didn't cough at all, & was fully awake, so we left! About an hour or so later she was back to her normal self!

Later that night, right before bed.

They said the MRI would be read either that night or the next day. I waited & waited to hear the results but no word came. The next day (Thursday the 21st) I called the MRI place & they said they'd already faxed the results to my doctor's office. I verified the fax number but it was wrong!!!!! So I spent most of the day on the phone between the MRI place & my doctor's office trying to figure out where these results were. (I had to find out Thursday cause my doctor is closed I'd have had to wait until Monday...& I just couldn't do that!) Finally at about 4:45pm I got the results. She's free & clear of any spots on her brain! Everything looked healthy & normal!!! Now I just need to send the MRI to the specialist that reads it one more time just to make sure...and then we'll be good to go! :o)  Yay!

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  1. Merilee, you are so gifted in writing all the details about little Brookie and her activities with her doctors, etc. Thank you for keeping us posted and allowing us to travel this journey with you. Blessings are galore ~~ and God is good. Love to you all and stay strong. ~~Jeanne P.