Wednesday, October 27, 2010


We're so proud to announce that our cookbooks are finally in! (I say "finally", but they actually got here before the original shipping date!) They came in 23 packages that weighed almost 1000 lbs...poor UPS guy!

So now what?! We're busy getting all the inserts ready & putting the tabs in, but they're ready for purchase. You can contact me or Dustin...or anyone in our family for the books, or you can click on the ADD TO CART button to the left.

If you need to place a big order, need clarification, or just have a general question please don't hesitate to ask! Our contact info is on the left under "Contact Us".

Thanks in advance for the help with our cookbook fundraiser!  Oh...and yes, they will be available to purchase at our benefit dinner on 11/13/10 as well! :o)

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