Friday, June 18, 2010

1 Opinion and the best surgeon!!!

I went to work on Friday and spoke with Sharon first. I told her everything that happened 3 days ago at the appt and she told me to far away! She made a great point in saying that after he does all his research and throws options out that he'll probably get back with us and tell us that he's not comfortable doing it. She thinks I need to go online and find someone that specializes in it. But how on earth do I do that?!
Later that day I researched some more. I found a website: that tells all about them and you can register someone who has a large or giant nevi. I registered Brooklyn later that afternoon and literally within 15 minutes I got a call from them welcoming me to the site! Amazing, if you ask me! She took the time to welcome me and invite me to their conference they are having in July. It's Wed (7/7) thru Fri (7/9) in Dallas, TX. Originally I thought, nah, I don't need to go to that. But once she started talking to me about it, and once I read online all about it I thought that I needed to go. I looked up ticket prices to Dallas, plus the conference fee, plus the hotel, plus food $, etc and it'd be over $1000 to go. :o(  I knew I couldn't take Brooklyn by'd be way too difficult for me to do it by myself. They do have day care at the conference, but exhausted me thinking about it. It was too expensive to have anyone else go with me too, so I kind of just told myself that I wouldn't be able to go. I did tell my mom about it and she wanted to talk to my dad and tell him about it.
Anyways, I was reading about the speakers at the conference and there was one doctor who caught my eye. His name is Dr. Bruce Bauer and he practices right outside of Highland Park, IL. He has the most experience with congenital nevi's in the world and has a particular interest in tissue expansion. PERFECT I thought to my goal in life is to be able to talk to this guy. Another reason I'd want to go to the conference is because they have free consultations with the doctor's. I thought that if I just took some pictures of Brooklyn he'd be able to tell me if he'd be interested in removing hers or not.
I told Sharon about the conference and she said that everything sounded great, but that I really needed to take Brooklyn. Yikes.

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