Thursday, June 24, 2010

Another Opinion!

Today I spoke with Dr. Comes about what's going on and my new developments. She agrees that I do need to go to this conference, but like Sharon said...I have to take Brooklyn with me. She made a great suggestion though. She said to contact Dr. Bauer's office in Chicago and ask them if I did need to bring her or if I could just bring pictures. So I did just that!
I found his contact info and called them. I spoke with his scheduler, Wendy, and she gave me his e-mail address. She said to send a few pictures to him and ask him my questions. I'd already taken pictures because I was going to take them to the conference, so I uploaded them into an e-mail and sent it to him. I asked him if I needed to bring Brooke and if I should see a dermatologist to get more info about her nevus.

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