Thursday, June 17, 2010

Meeting with first Plastic Surgeon

Today (6/15/10) at 2pm we met with Dr. Grosso at Billings Plastic Surgery. His nurse came in first to take pictures, then he came in. The first thing that was a little "off" was that he had to ask us how big her nevus was exactly. He kept saying how big it was, but he didn't know how far back it went...I had to show him. During the appointment he basically was thinking out loud to himself. He went over all the different options that we could do (chemical peel, microdermabrasion, removal, tissue expanders, leaving it alone, etc). He was saying how we'd do each option, and then would tell us that that option wouldn't work for this reason or that reason. He was very confident in how he could do things, but it was obvious he'd never removed one from the scalp/forehead before. He never once came out and said "well 3 years ago when I removed one on the head this is what I did and this is how it turned out".
I asked him how the nevus started and he couldn't answer me. He said that he'd have to get out all his medical books to find out that answer! I said that I knew they started at 8-10weeks gestation and he said that he didn't even know that. That's fine, but I'm not sure I'd have told us that! He said "You know you just don't see these here. In a big city like Boston you may see a lot of 1-2 a year, but in rural Monana you may only see one every 5-6 years, and that's not including seeing them on the head, which is rarer."
Then on his way out he said that I needed to continue doing my own research to see what else I could find. He said that we couldn't start until Brooklyn was at least a year old because he wanted all her fontanelles and her sutures in her head to close. He said he wanted to see her back after she is a year old and we'll do a CT to make sure they've closed, and then we'll start the removal process.
So we went home and I did nothing but research. For 2 days I did nothing but eat, sleep, drink, and think nevi! On Thursday (6/17/10) I finally decided that I'm going to talk to 3 people and explain all this to them and see what they think. I'll talk to our family doctor (Dr. Bennett), to the doctor I work for (Dr. Comes) and the Nurse Practitioner in our office (Sharon) and see what they say. If they say that he sounds like he knows what he's talking about and that he could probably do a good job then I'd leave it alone. I'd forget about it until after she's a year and we'll do what Dr. Grosso suggested. BUT...if all 3 people said to run and find someone else because it didn't sound all that promising, then I'd do more research and try to find the best surgeon to remove nevi's in the country.

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