Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Little Ballerinas

This past Saturday Cali & Brooklyn had their Nutcracker recital. This was Cali's 3rd, but was Brooklyn's 1st one ever! They LOVED dancing, practicing, & putting on their costumes, but most importantly...doing their hair & putting on their makeup! I am attching the videos, but here are some pictures first...

Brooklyn was one of Mother Ginger's children...like what Cali did last year. It's nice that her bubble was so small cause her hat fit perfectly (well, until the performance.....you'll see!). Any bigger & it wouldn't have fit good. Cali was a mouse, who was fighting with the rat queen to get the Nutcracker.

And here they are at the end of the performance...still showing their stuff!!
And here are the videos!! (I should have a disclaimer here first though... The recital was broadcast on our local TV station & the internet so there were a lot of video cameras around. My 3 videos that I took are not from a great angle cause I was trying to not get in the way of the TV cameras...so I do apologize.)
This first one is of Brooklyn. It's really hard to point her out cause all the kids are so small. But I'll do my best.... Right after they all come out of the skirt, Brooklyn's well horrible fit hat kept coming off. So she went up to her teacher, Miss Janet, & she put it back on Brooke's head. So if you pick her out there, when Miss Janet is putting her hat back on, then you can pretty much follow her the rest of the dance. You can also point her out really good at the very end when they were waving bye. Brooke was the very last one to keep waving & Miss Janet had to get her & redirect her back under the skirt!
This is a number that was in the middle of the performance. They all had reindeer noses on & danced together on stage. I told Cali to go stand by Miss Janet so that I could see her better...& she did! So she's the little mouse right by Miss Janet in the front middle of the stage. Brooke is on the right side, as you look at the stage, in her little white costume. The cute little girl couldn't get her nose to light up until the very end...but she got it & was super cute. :o)
And here is Cali as the little mouse. Again, cause they run around the stage so much, it's hard to tell where Cali is the entire time, but when they first go on stage & go walking around the bed, Cali is the first little mouse right behind the boy. Then just a little way into it, she gets to the nutcracker first when they are fighting Clara for it. Then again, when they are in the circle, she is holding the rat queen's hand, on her right.
I hope you could pick the girls out & that you enjoyed the videos!! We certainly enjoyed watching them have a blast dancing the night away!!

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