Friday, June 29, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Cali!

Our little girl is 4!!
I can't believe I'm saying that! How time has flown by...that's for sure! We had a little party for her on her actual birthday (Wednesday the 27th) & then had her big party tonight. Here are some pictures from her party on Wednesday...
Opening up her crown & wand

Pretty happy with them!!

And here are some pictures from her party tonight...
She wanted her hair curled & make-up on...all dolled up! Plus she had her new t-shirt that says "I'M 4...and whatever it is, I DIDN'T DO IT!!!"......oh so true!!
Cali wanted a Strawberry Shortcake theme so we went to & picked out a whole bunch of SS decorations. She loved it all!! The cake, however, was one thing that I loved the most. I went to the store to pick it up & was just so proud of it! I had both the girls with me so I purposefully put it in the back end of our Equinox so it wouldn't get ruined...& so Cali wouldn't see it. When we got home, Dustin went to get Brooke out of the car, but she threw a fit & wanted me to get her. So he opened the back & grabbed the rest of the groceries while I got Cali out of the car first. While Dustin was taking the groceries inside & while I was taking Cali around so she didn't see the cake, Brooke took it upon herself to climb out the back of the car & just get out herself. Well where else was she going to step but right on the cake box! I came back to the car to get Brooke & the cake, when I saw Brooke walking upstairs...& I just had this horrible feeling. I ran to the cake & the whole box was smashed in...& this is what I saw....
I guess it's not horrible, but it's definitely noticeable where she stepped on it (bottom right corner & bottom right of the decal). Oh well though, Cali didn't care & everyone said it still tasted good.

All set up & ready for people to come
The grill master

Opening presents
One of her favorite presents...a waitress outfit. It even comes with a little menu & writing pad. She LOVES going around taking everyone's orders!
Her new bike!

She had an absolutely great week!! Before you know it, she'll be 5! AAAAAGGGHHHHH!!

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