Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A New Dressing & New Friends

Just cause last night she was sleeping so peaceful... 
It did take her quite a while to actually lay her head down on her pillow, but she eventually did it. The changing of the drain was even worse, but we got that done too. Sweet girl...

So today we went to see Mim & Susan at Dr. Bauer's office to get Brooke's dressing changed. She was SO excited to see them...& was really an awesome girl during the whole thing. Afterwards she wouldn't let me take her picture...this was the best I got. Her incision is where the white bandage is. And the bubble is just above it in the picture. You can see it bulging a little. Dr. Bauer put 35 cc's in it during surgery.

She is taking her antibiotics like a champ. She actually LOVES the stuff. Thanks to my trusty Medium Thermal Zipper Pouch* we carried her antibiotics around all day & it was still cold this evening when we got back.

After we were done seeing Mim & Susan, we went to the Field Museum. We met an awesome family, the Roth's, during the Nevus Outreach Conference in Dallas in July & they are here with their 7-month-old daughter, Lily. Lily just had 4 expanders placed by Dr. Bauer last week: 2 in her scalp & 2 in her back. She's seriously THE cutest little thing ever**...& Brooklyn just ADORED her today!!!

Brooklyn & Lily

The Vance's & Roth's

After the Field Museum Brooklyn & I had a super short drive "home". I had a feeling Brooke would fall asleep in the car...& fall asleep she did!!! So I decided to drive around the few blocks directly by the Ronald McDonald house, to do more exploring & see what was all around me.

Holy cow...let's just say...I've been missing out!!!!! I mean, yeah, the RMH is inconvenient with it's parking & the fact that there's no food or TV's in the rooms. However, you're RIGHT. SMACK. DAB. in the middle of downtown! You're seriously 4 blocks from Navy Pier. There's like 9000 food options, which for me is wonderful. And the shops are to die for. I'm not kidding...anything you could want is with in walking distance! I was pleasantly surprised when I found a PF Changs just about 3 blocks away, so we parked the car & walked, got take-out, & went back to the house. We ate in the dining room & then came & put our stuff in our room, then went & checked out the roof. On the 16th floor (well ok it's the 15th floor cause there is no 13th floor) is a reflection garden on one side & a patio on the other. The reflection garden has a few places to sit, TONS of flowers & bushes, pathways, & is generally just really nice & peaceful. The patio on the opposite side has a hopscotch, slide, tic-tac-toe, grill for BBQ's, & a telescope. It's all pretty cool. :)

When we were done looking around the roof we went back down to the 4th floor to Arts & Crafts time. There were some volunteers that came in to help kids make crafts. They got to make little Halloween masks & then do some sand art. Brooke LOVED it...& it was a nice thing to have available!!

And now...my little bubble girl is fast asleep, after she got some bright pink nail polish & a caramel apple, of course. :)

*To snag up your own Medium Thermal Zipper Pouch, visit: https://www.mythirtyone.com/shop/productdetail.aspx?prod=4363
**This is just Lily's first surgery. She will need several rounds like Brooklyn did, so obviously her parents are fundraising like crazy. To check out how adorable Lily is & to visit the Roth's site please click on: https://www.crowdrise.com/TeamLily/fundraiser/jrroth

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