Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Dreaded Christmas Pictures

Well it's that time of year again...time for Christmas pictures. You can go back in our archives to refresh your memory on our horrible "luck" that we have every year with our pictures...but basically in a nutshell, we live in a small town so we have to go out of town for our pictures. Sears is our only option that isn't an arm & a that's what we've done every year...twice a year (once around April/May'ish to split the time between the girls' birthdays & once for Christmas pictures). We had always gone to Billings, which is 2 hrs away...but after an absolutely terrible experience, & another bad experience, we switched to Great Falls, which is more inconvenient for us, but went much better every time.

Fast forward to now...this is the very first time EVER that I've taken the girls to get their pictures taken all by myself! I figured I could hopefully do it though cause of their ages...and bribery. :) So let's just make this post short & sweet....


We left home, got to Great Falls on totally dry roads (thank you Lord), & went to Target. Got the girls' dresses, tights, shoes, & hair things, then went to Sears 1/2 hr early (but they got us right in), changed their clothes, & started taking pictures. The girls did just what the picture-taker told them to do. They smiled when they were supposed to, posed like they were told to, changed their clothes when it was time, posed again like they were supposed to, & then smiled again when they were told. It was just perfect. I got the CD & then we got in the car, got gas, grabbed something to eat, & headed home.

So without holding them off any are some of our adorable girls' Christmas pictures!!!

Here's to all years' Christmas pictures going this well!!

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  1. WOW..these are awesome! What beautiful girls you have! I wish ours would have been as successful! BTW...I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the lady at our sears portrait studio told us that all sear portrait studios are probably going out of business :(