Sunday, October 7, 2012

Exciting New Beginnings

My work career isn't anything exciting. Yeah, I have quite a few stories to tell, but it's not all a lavish, glamorous, luxurious Nursing career! Boy how I wish it was...hopefully someday. I became a nurse so I could work in OB. I just love the labor & delivery process. However, all the OB nurses have been there for years & they're not going anywhere soon, that's for sure. So my first job was at the State Home...a state mental facility with 3 wings of residents who were one step down from the main Montana State Hospital. That's where the majority of my stories come from. Literally, there wasn't a day that went by, when I worked there as a CNA, that I didn't come home with a new bump, scratch, bruise. When I was about 20 weeks pregnant with Cali I got horse-kicked by a 1-legged resident when I was trying to give her her breathing treatment. Stories stories stories. I don't like routines & I definitely don't like long-term-care...both of which were the epitome of the State Home. So only about a year after starting there, after I came back from maternity leave in 2008, I found another job. This job was at the Nexus Treatment Center...a 9-month meth treatment center specifically for male inmates. Keys, walkie-talkies, locked doors, being buzzed in & out, get the point. But again...a routine...pretty much the same story day in & day out, which is what I don't like. So I looked for something else. I started at a doctor's office in September 2008...literally something I said I'd NEVER do when I was in nursing school. I don't know why...I just always said I'd never work in a doctor's office. The pay wasn't good at all, but basically, you pay for convenience. No evenings, no nights, no weekends, no holidays. You seriously can't beat that in nursing. So I was fine with the lower pay. I immediately knew I loved it. It wasn't long-term-care. I mean, yeah we had our older population, but the doctor did OB as well...which I I got the best of both worlds. And it certainly wasn't a routine. Every day was different...which is what I wanted. For about 6 months I did all 3 jobs. The doctor's office was only part time (2 1/2 days a week) so I needed to make up that extra income by working the other 2 jobs as well. After having a 22-days-in-a-row stretch & basically got burned out so I quit the State Home. Then shortly thereafter I quit Nexus. I was at that doctor's office for 4 years...almost to the day. There were 7 women in that office & boy did we ever have fun! We had THE best Christmas parties, get-togethers, & just laughed & laughed together. So it made it VERY hard when another opportunity presented itself to me in June of this year. Another OB/Family Practice doctor was coming to town & she would be a hospital employee...meaning her nurse would be as well...which means more pay, better hours, & all the hospital employee perks & benefits. It took me a LONG time to make the decision, but I finally decided to go for it & apply for the job. I applied for it, had a phone interview in August when we were on vacation in CA, got in the final two, interviewed with the doctor, & then got the job! It was SO bittersweet. The doctor is so great...she's actually 2 years younger than me & is my same height! After much deliberation, Dustin & I decided that I needed to take the job. Mainly for more hours & more pay. It was so hard though. I mean at the job I was at for 4 years I literally had it made!!!! I could take off any day that I wanted as long as my co-worker could cover me. I had a lot of freedom, could be as organized as I wanted in my own space, & just truly loved what I did. I got to follow women as they were trying to get pregnant, then finally did get pregnant, then go through their whole pregnancy, & watch their new little baby grow up. It was just awesome. I became very attached to both the patients & my co-workers. So it was no shock when I gave my 2-week notice with a tear in my eye. This job also could have never been more flexible with Brooklyn's surgeries & doctor's appointments. I had to take SO much time off for her 4 surgeries, 2 dermatologist appts, & 2 surgeon consult appts & they never once complained. I am FOREVER grateful for all of those amazing women. :)

But....this new opportunity was too good to pass up. I'd be a hospital employee, but work just right across the hall from where I was. I'd get all the employee perks/benefits (if I wanted them), better pay, more hours, newer computer system that could do SO much more that I ever guessed a computer system could do, brand new office all to myself, more responsibility, & the list goes on. So I took the job & started officially in September. Here's what my new office looks like:

With some beautiful "Congratulations on your new job" flowers from my grandma & great-grandma!

We saw our first patient on 10/1/12 & we're pretty slow so far...but that's to be expected with a brand new physician. We'll pick up soon, I'm sure. I really really REALLY miss my previous job, but I'm happy to be here & am excited to see how everything works out!!!

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