Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Special Disneyland Trip!

Of course, it wouldn't be a CA trip if Disneyland wasn't involved. Plus, I know it like I know my own home, so we just had to make a trip. The best part of it though...our great friends from AZ came too! Remember our awesome nevus friends, the Mollers, who are from AZ? They were our next door neighbors when we were in Chicago for our long trip in January. They have a daughter, Zoie, who is 5 & a son, Zac, who is 1...remember now?! Well I was telling Amie one day way back when that I was going to take Cali to Disneyland. She got this awesome idea to fly to CA, go to D-land with Zoie, & then fly back. So yup, that's just what she did!!!!

They flew out & arrived at John Wayne airport at 7:30am. We picked them up & then went straight to Disneyland. All Zoie knew was that she was going to CA to see Cali...so it was so much fun telling her we were all going to the dentist when she landed in CA!!! We got to Disneyland & she was soooo excited. Cali, on the other hand, was totally clueless. She still is at that age where she doesn't really understand what's going on. But I tell you what...when we got in there & showed her everything she had a ball. She was definitely clingy, needed her paci, & wanted to be held because she was so apprehensive about everything, but she loved it.

(So don't mind the paci in most of the pictures...it comforted her & that's all that matters!!)

Eating breakfast with the characters

Mmmm watermelon...her favorite!

In the AM still, and still not quite sure what's going on & why these people are dressed up in these funny costumes. She was, let's say, a bit uncomfortable with them. But hey, I'm not a character person myself so maybe it's hereditary! (I like seeing them from a distance but they kind of freak me out up close!!)

And here we are on the railings again...but paci-less so we're warming up!!

 My family came to Downtown Disney for lunch so this was Cali on the way from D-land to Downtown Disney!! Believe it or not, she slept from the Matterhorn in Disneyland, all the way through D-land, out the gates, through Downtown Disney, in to the Rainforest Cafe, slept THROUGH lunch, slept BACK through Downtown Disney, back through the D-land gates, and back all the way through D-land! She was a wiped out munchkin.

But once she was awake there was no stopping her! My little sunglasses-wearing Diva had a ball!!

On Dumbo

Unfortunately our day had to come to a close. Amie & Zoie had to leave around 6:30'ish to head back to the airport for AZ. Here's Cali & Zoie right before they had to leave.

It was such a great, memorable day with Amie & Zoie at Disneyland. I loved every minute of it & I'm so thankful they were able to come! Thanks Amie & Zoie for such a fantastic fun day!!!!

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