Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Cookbook Setback

Morris Press Cookbooks ( is a great cookbook company. If you've seen our cookbook you know how beautiful they make them. They even have coupons that you can use for specific dates & get a specific amount of money off per book. The books themselves can get a little costly...5 cents here, 15 cents there, 45 cents the base price for the book & they really add up. So any sort of discount I can get I'm gonna take. This current coupon goes from the middle of January until Feb 28th...yes, in 5 days! It's really my own darn fault. I should have started typing recipes in December when I had the time, but of course I never remembered to. So here I am "cramming" these recipes in as fast as I can. Well unfortunately I'm not going to be able to get them all in in time AND design the book pages. So I'm saying "tah-tah" to the discount & giving myself an extra couple of weeks to get the book done.

This decision came on tonight when Dustin & I had a semi-heart-to-heart chat. I was never going to make Volume 2 plain & bland. But I didn't think it'd be as good as Volume 1. Dustin, however, thinks that it needs to be as close to Vol 1 as it can be, as far as "nice-ness" is concerned. So instead of putting this book together in a day (minus the recipes) it'll take me a few days, if not a week, to get it close to as nice as Vol 1. So that, plus the fact that I still have right around 200 recipes to type, persuaded our decision to forego the discount & focus on the book looking better than I had originally planned........if any of this even makes sense!

No one will hardly know the time difference...cause this will only put off production by a couple weeks. I'm still thinking the book will be in my hot little hands sometime around April.

On a lighter are a couple cute pictures of the girls...

Pretending to talk to Daddy today

Taking a break from watching Oprah to build a block tower...and yes, she did it all by herself (notice the smile)!!!

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